social sculpture



The Pacific is my home ocean

A special event inspired by the Pacific ocean at the home of gallerist at the home of Carole Decombe, Pacific Palisades.
Photographs by Alexandra Hedison
Performance by Vera Sola.
Reading by Mira Gonzalez
Performance by Dynasty Handbag


Where is Rocky II?

Party for Where is Rocky II?, a film directed by Pierre Bismuth, produced by Gregoire Gensollen, screened at Lacma, Los Angeles


Moving Mountains

home of Maryanne and David Jones, Calabasas
Hip hop Buddhist event


Museum of Destiny

Visitors picked up with a Chevy 54.
An experiment was created for each visitor of the museum.


Past Lives

Mike White and Ali and Sam Demke.
Booklet about past lives project by writer and director Mike White and painters Ali and Sam Demke.
Graphic design: The object, Seoul.

>>> the book

Past Lives in the New York Times


Collective Fictions, Palais de Tokyo

A team of international curators share their perspectives about South American artists and Arte Sure, project created by Albertine de Galbert.
Were invited: Andrew Berardini, Jesse McKee, Anca Rujoiu
Invitation of artist Juliana Iriart


12 French Women

Event to honor writer Laure Murat and her book about Los Angeles: “ceci n’est pas une ville”.
Dinner commissioned by gallerist Carole Decombe.

Diagonal Argument.
Argument de la diagonale.

Group exhibition for "those who like gardens of forking paths" with a focus on methodology in art and science for Betonsalon, an art center located inside the university Paris VII, involving researchers from the Laboratoire Matière et Systèmes Complexes, Paris 7.


Better being catching a cold rather than being a virus.
Mieux vaut être un virus que tomber malade.

Group exhibition about artists strategies to infiltrate the economic and social system to express an idea or have an impact.


Artist Thomas Hirschhorn

talking about Deleuze Monument to launch new visual art program at Mains d’Oeuvres.


Artist Residency.

Artists Pauline Bastard and Ivan Argote in residency at Mains d’Oeuvres produced a sauna in which guests watched videos.


Navid Nuur

at Mains d’Oeuvres for a talk at Star Trek.


Opération Tonnerre.

In the shadow of the "Force de l’art" that examined the French art scene, an explosive exhibition curated with United Artists, including thirty international young artists.
Mains d’Oeuvres, 2009.
Fabienne Audéoud, John Russell and Wayne Lloyd. Twenty women play the drums topless.